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87% of businesses indicated that failure to recover data would be damaging to the business and 23% said it would be ‘disastrous’.

Managed IT Services

Our software and hardware solutions are designed to help you reduce risk and downtime, saving you money monthly.

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Computer Repair

Our techs are experts at diagnosing, fixing, and enhancing PC and Mac computers. Let us show you!

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VoIP Phones

Internet phones have come a long way, and more importantly they're saving our clients thousands of dollars annually.

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Computer Sales

We sell new, warrantied computers for 25% to 40% cheaper then local competitors (even Walmart). Included in your purchase is a 15 day home managed service.


Whether you need new network solutions, or a current network needs improved performance, availability, and reliability, we can help.

Website Design

We create web experiences that enable you to better market your business and engage your customers. Let us get your business online today!


Our marketing services include, search engine optimization, content, email, social marketing, and direct marketing promotions.

Home & Office Internet

Residential and business Internet solution provided by our Cellular One partners. AirMax offers reliable speeds and simple installation.

Office Security

Installing security cameras throughout your business is easier and more affordable then ever, with the use of wireless technology and smartphone apps.

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"After less than 2 months with Sunstate Tech Managed Services, I'm sold and VERY happy! Before my machines were constantly updating or needing updates. When we'd do the updates, either a computer would go down or my attorney software would stop working. The time saved has equated to more than enough income to cover the expense!"

Brendon R. Rogers - Law Offices of

“Sunstate Tech has provided computer service for Kay Supply, All Custom Exteriors, Hopi Traders, and McGee’s Beyond Native Tradition for years. They provided our companies with the needed software to handle large companies at a reasonable cost..."

Beverlee Kay - Kay Supply

"Before we engaged Sunstate Tech, IT problems were a constant headache for my staff. Having Managed IT services from your company is truly a dream come true. We no longer have to suffer through extended wait times for a problem to be solved."

Lynnette Carter - Living Hope Centers

“Sunstate Tech is only a second send a ticket, they answer! They can fix your computer from wherever they are. Now I am confident and free to do my job at hand not having to worry about my computer going down. "

Hawia Lasiloo - Wide Runis Community School

We're pleased to be serving our clients throughout Arizona, and appreciate their trust and commitment to our company!

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We're Preventing Cyber Threats

The opportunities for security breaches are increasing. Keeping up with threats and methods of protecting sensitive data places a huge burden on business owners and IT departments.